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The Indian cosmetic industry is valued at 29,000 crores. The following list tries to capture the various brands that are popular among the consumers due to different reasons ranging from being economical, or being organic or being made up of superior ingredients. A ranking of the most valuable cosmetic brands in the world of each brand has been assigned a brand rating based on benchmark. The list includes face cleansers, sunscreens, winter care, hair oils, and shampoos. Passing knew the importance of good packaging and made sure his products stand out in design. This brand also manages to stand out in the world of chemical – based cosmetics as it does not contain any artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances. The ingredients used are extracted naturally from herbs. Moreover the herbs or plants used for extracting raw material are also monitored from its nascent stage hence the end product is organic. Let’s get an in-depth insight into the amazing makeup brands.